Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello Out There!

I'm not sure who might be reading this, but if you are - thanks a million!  Let's start with the basics.  I'm a sixth year teacher here in humid, sticky north Florida.  I teach a combination first/second grade class.  But, next year, I might be where my heart is - with my little second graders.  This blog is for parents in my class, fellow teacher folk, and blog stalkers like myself. 

I know I've gotten a kick out of so many blogs over the past few months.  This is my little homage to those blogs that kept me laughing.  Later this week I'll post pictures of my semi-decorated classroom.  As you can probably guess, I'm going for a pirate theme this year.  Hopefully it will go well.  I've loved pirates my entire life so this is kind of like my little oasis at school. 


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